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Everything Counts for Kids.

Teaching good fitness and nutrition habits for life.

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JT has been part of our son's life for 8 of his almost 11 years, from early gymnastics lessons to helping with our son's physical therapy. He is an extraordinary teacher and an equally wonderful friend. Anyone who has the honor of working with him will not only be in the most capable hands, they will see how his enthusiasm inspires everyone around him. We simply adore him!

Ivey S. Los Angeles CA

I was diagnosed with cancer and JT and Debbie were amazing! Chemo was incredibly difficult to get through, but with the knowledge of health and nutrition they provided me with, it made the journey a lot easier. From delicious healthy shakes that gave me much needed energy, to simply helping me with foods to avoid or add to my diet. Not to mention they are WONDERFUL people. I couldn't speak more highly of them.

Jamie Stout, Brentwood CA

We've known JT over 8 years at least. When we met him he was a gymnastic instructor, he went over his limits to teach my daughter some adaptive gymnastics, because she has spinal cord injury. He researched the best approach for her needs and he made her so strong in just a couple of months, motivating her to go over her limits and challenging her to always try and don't give up. Both motivational and physical approaches were fundamental in the success of her routines. He continued to work with her for almost 4 years. JT's motivation, attitude and self image is something I can't describe in words. Our gratitude to this very accomplished man, tutor and friend. Anyone who works with him, can witness his positive influence. Very honored to have met him. What impressed me the most about his job was how professional he always was, on time, with a very positive attitude. He was not just helpful in his discipline but a very good person to seek for resources and information related to many other topics, because his professional experience is deep and diverse. Thank you for all you do!

Nicte M. Los Angeles CA

I really was tired of being overweight for all of my life. I didn't want to be like that forever! I wanted to know and feel what it was like to be healthy and have a healthy weight. I wanted to be someone else, I wanted to change!

I am a new person, I am happier, more energetic, more positive, more confident, and more proud of my self. I think clearer and I even discontinued my anti-depressants with my Doctors approval. I am near my goal 15-20lbs to go! I couldn't have done this without Debbie and JT, for all the support given to us, how they showed genuine concern, mentoring and making time for us. I could never tell them how much I appreciate them for being by our side throughout this tough journey. It means the world to me and I'm sure it does so too, for Edwin, now weighing in the 340's lbs. We still have a mission to accomplish, and I know I can count on Debbie and JT at "Everything Counts". Thank you guys for everything!!! You guys have been and always will be our guides to a better healthier life. Thank You!

Maggie Pereyra Los Angeles, CA

Before I met JT and Debbie, I did not even know how to cook an egg!! Thanks to JT and Debbie I cook for myself each day, and more importantly I learned how to prepare meals and snacks easily for upcoming days when I may not have the time to cook. The meals are yummy, simple, healthy, and feel good to eat. These are two no- excuses people- if you want help they will be there for you day and night. They are positive, realistic, and produce results in healthier bodies.

Laura Smith Los Angeles CA

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