EC Fitness & Nutrition 




Everything Counts for Kids.

Teaching good fitness and nutrition habits for life.

Our songs educate and inspire kids to Dream, Believe and Achieve by using
fun parodies of tunes they already know 
and original songs written by our
"EC-Kids" Team.

"EC Kids know right from left. 

 EC Kids know right from wrong."

Right On, Leftover
JT Moye & Jason Bravo (EC Fun)
EC Kids original song
"Dream Believe Achieve"

Going Green, EC Kids style

 with an original EC Kids song.



  Parody of Taylor Swift's Bad Blood 

  "Bad Grub!"



      You are never too old to fly!

EC Kids original song 

"Right on, Leftover" 


EC Kids original song

"Everything Counts"


        "Greens" in the Philippines!

Dona Susana Madrigal Memorial School

celebrates nutrition month with our original

 EC Kids song "Greens."