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Limited Space Available

Camp Dates

2023 Spring Break Camp

March 27- April 7 

Mon - Wed - Fri 

2023 Summer Camp

June 12 - Aug  4

Mon - Wed - Fri 

Ages 5 & up

9:30 - 3:30 Full Day  $99

9:30 - 12:30 Morning Session  $65

12:30 - 3:30 Afternoon Session  $65

Limited Space Available

Once we receive your Registration 

Forms we will send you a payment link.

New Class

Acro Air Gymnastics

Our Acro Air Gymnastic class is a fun 75 minute challenging course that focuses on strength conditioning, flexibility and the confidence to do all sports.  Learn front & back flips, hand springs, dive rolls

 on over 100 feet of tumbling air mats!

2023 Class dates

coming soon

Ages 5 - 9


Limited Space Avaliable

Once we receive your Registration Forms

we wil send you a payment link.

Thank you for choosing  EC Kids.

You're amazing!

Sport Fitness Ninja Camp

with Art Department

Our Sport Fitness Ninja Camp  with Art Department is a fun and challenging environment that encourages learning, imagination, and physical activity. Our Coaches/Educators have an age appropriate developmental Plan of Action that helps build strength, skills and confidence on a daily basis. Our safe and nurturing environment allows each child to stand comfortably on their own two feet. Your child's individual needs will always be addressed with Respect and Positive reinforcement to help them reach their infinite potential.  

All Health department Covid safety protocols are followed.

All Abilities Welcome

Anyone with special considerations must be assessed previously or enter on a trial period to assure that they have a safe and successful  experience. All participants  must be self sufficient in the bathroom.


5 & up

13+ *EC Kids has a unique junior CIT & internship program for All Abilities. Contact us for more information 310-993-6802


Lunch /Snacks, water Bottle, sunscreen & hat


Veterans Memorial Park (northwest corner)

4117 Overland Ave, Culver City, CA 90230


Ages 13 - 15 *

CIT is our "Coach in Training" program. It is designed to give mature teens a chance to share their talents and creativity with younger kids. Under the guidance of experienced educators, this program keeps our "Tween" age involved while giving them valuable work experience for their future in the work force.

* Interested teens must apply​

EC Kids Fun!

EC Kids Fly High

"Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum"

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